3M Lead Foil Tape 421 Datasheet 3M Lead Foil Tape 421

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  • Description for 3M Lead Foil Tape 421

    Backed with a rubber adhesive, offering excellent conformability in a variety of application conditions, very good conformability.

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    Application Type Bond, Masking
    Material Form Tape
    Substrate Steel
    Industry Electroplating, X-ray plate masking
    Manufacturer 3M
    Chemistry Rubber
    Cure Method Pressure Sensitive
    Color Dark silver
    High Temperature Resistance (°C) 107
    Low Temperature Resistance (°C) -51
  • Technical Data for 3M Lead Foil Tape 421

    • Application Type
    • Material Form
      • Tape
    • Substrate
    • Industry
      • Sporting Equipment - Add weight (balance) to equipment parts (golf clubs, tennis rackets, etc.)
      • Electronics - Electroplating
      • Industrial
      • Medical - X-ray plate masking
      • Other - Excellent conformability in a variety of application conditions, Radiation barrier, Moisture barrier, Chemical milling, Maskant during paint stripping
    • Chemistry
      • Other - Rubber
    • Cure Method
      • Pressure Sensitive (min) - Pressure Sensitive
    • Color
      • Gray - Dark silver
    Cure Specs
    Application Temperature (°F) >32
    Bond Strength
    General Bond Strength (psi) 31 (oz./in.), 45 (oz./in.) Test Method
    Peel Strength (piw) 4.9 (N/cm) Test Method
    Tensile Strength (psi) 26.3 (N/cm) Test Method
    Tape Properties
    Total Thickness (mil) 7
    Single Sided Single Sided
    Material Resistance
    High Temperature Resistance (°C) 107
    Low Temperature Resistance (°C) -51
    Electrical Conductivity (mhos/cm) Electrically conductive
    Thermal Conductivity (W/m°K) Thermally conductive, Good thermal properties
    Elongation (%) 14 Test Method
    Flexibility Very good conformability, Excellent conformability
    Business Information
    Shelf Life Details Store under normal conditions of 60° to 80°F (16° to 27°C) and 40 to 60% R.H. in the original carton. To obtain best performance, use this product within 18 months from date of manufacture.
    Shelf Life Temperature (°F) 60 to 80
    Shelf Life Type From date of manufacture
    Shelf Life (mon) 18
  • Best Practices for 3M Lead Foil Tape 421

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    1. Surface Preparation

      Best results are obtained when applied to a clean dry surface above 32°F (0°C). Also, by “feathering” the edges – rubbing the tape down with a smooth-edged plastic piece (or similar object) – the tape can be made to better conform to the substrate. This is especially important if the tape is to be used as a “thief” in electroplating where the edges must fully contact the metal base.

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Tensile Strength Test Methods
Tensile Strength Test Method
26.3 (N/cm) ASTM D3759
General Bond Strength Test Methods
General Bond Strength Substrate Test Method
31 (oz./in.) Steel ASTM D-3330, width
45 (oz./in.) Steel ASTM D-3330, width
Peel Strength Test Methods
Peel Strength Type Test Method
4.9 (N/cm) 180° Peel Adhesion ASTM D3330, c12 in/min (300 mm/min)
Elongation Test Methods
Elongation Test Method
14 % At Break, ASTM D3759