3M Ribbon Sealant PF5423 Datasheet 3M Ribbon Sealant PF5423

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  • Description for 3M Ribbon Sealant PF5423

    A supported synthetic rubber sealant in ribbon form. It offers a watertight, seal in applications such as bedding glass, around window and door frames, etc.

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    Brand Weatherban
    Chemical Resistance Chemical Resistance: Fluid Resistance: Watertight
    Application Type Bond, Sealant
    Material Form Ribbon
    Substrate Bare Aluminum, Glass, Metal, Elastomer, Bimetallic
    Industry Can be used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners, Bedding around window frames, Bedding around door frames
    Manufacturer 3M
    Chemistry Oil Soluble Elastomer, Solvent-free, Synthetic rubber
    Cure Method Pressure sensitive
    Application Temperature (°F) >39
    Color Black
    Total Thickness (mm) 1.590
    Single Sided Single sided
    Low Temperature Resistance (°C) -40
  • Technical Data for 3M Ribbon Sealant PF5423

    • Chemical Resistance
      • Chemical Resistance : Fluid Resistance : Water Resistance - Watertight
    • Application Type
    • Material Form
      • Tape - Ribbon
    • Substrate
      • Elastomer
      • Glass
      • Metal - Bimetallic
      • Aluminum - Bare Aluminum
      • Other - Most other surfaces, Vertical surfaces, Overhead surfaces
    • Industry
      • Mechanical Fastening Parts - Can be used in conjunction with mechanical fasteners
      • Construction - Can also act as a metal seam sealer in building panels
      • Construction Window - Bedding around window frames
      • Construction Door - Bedding around door frames
      • Other - Can also act as a metal seam sealer in rain gutters, Can also act as a metal seam sealer in overlap seams, Bedding glass
    • Chemistry
      • Synthetic Rubber
      • Solvent-Free
      • Other - Oil Soluble Elastomer
    • Cure Method
      • Pressure Sensitive (min) - Pressure sensitive
    • Color
      • Black
    • Brand
      • Weatherban
    Cure Specs
    Application Temperature (°F) >39
    Linear Shrinkage (%) No shrinkage
    Bond Strength
    General Bond Strength (psi) Aggressive adhesion, Good adhesion, Tacky
    Tensile Strength (psi) 33 (lb/in²) Test Method
    Tape Properties
    Total Thickness (mm) 1.590
    Single Sided Single sided
    Material Resistance
    Non-Corrosive Helps prevent bimetallic (galvanic cell action) corrosion, when placed between metal surfaces.
    Environmental Resistance Outstanding resistance to weathering
    Low Temperature Resistance (°C) -40 Test Method
    Vibration Resistance/Shock Resistance Vibration dampening, Sound dampening
    Shore A Hardness 30 Test Method
    Elongation (%) 200 Test Method
    Flexibility Excellent flexibility
    Other Properties
    Specific Gravity 1.520
    % Solids (%) 100 Test Method
    Business Information
    Shelf Life Details Store product at 60-80°F (15-27°C) for maximum storage life. Higher temperatures reduce normal storage life. Rotate stock on a “first in-first out” basis. When stored at the recommended conditions in the original unopened package, this product has a shelf life of 18 months from date of manufacture.
    Shelf Life Temperature (°F) 59 to 81
    Shelf Life Type From date of manufacture
    Shelf Life (mon) 18
    Not Good For
    Don't Use For Oil, Gasoline, Solvents, Applications where exposure is possible
  • Best Practices for 3M Ribbon Sealant PF5423

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    1. Surface Preparation

      All surfaces to which 3M™ Weatherban™ Ribbon Sealant PF 5423 is applied should be free from dust, dirt, grease or other contamination.

    2. Application

      Temperature of the sealant and surfaces to be bonded should be 40°F (4°C) or above.

      Weatherban PF 5423 is supplied in roll form on a liner. Lay or press the sealant in place, remove and discard the liner. Weatherban PF 5423 has sufficient tack to adhere to most surfaces at temperatures as low as 40°F (4°C).

      Easy hand layup – no special equipment needed.

    3. Clean-Up

      Cleanup can be accomplished with a solvent such as 3M™ Scotch-Grip™ Solvent No. 2 or 3M™ Citrus Base Industrial Cleaner.

      Note: When using solvents, extinguish all ignition sources and follow the manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use.

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Tensile Strength Test Methods
Tensile Strength Test Method
33 (lb/in²) Notes: 5 in per min
Low Temperature Resistance Test Methods
Low Temperature Resistance Test Method
-40°C Low temperature flexibility
Elongation Test Methods
Elongation Test Method
200 % Notes: 5 in per min
Shore A Hardness Test Methods
Shore A Hardness Shore Hardness Test Method Hardness Temperature
30 ASTM C661 24°C
% Solids Test Methods
% Solids Test Method
100 % By weight