3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 1469 Datasheet 3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 1469

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  • Description for 3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 1469

    One-part • 100% solids • Flowable Syrup • Liquid • Adhesive • Heat cure • High strength • White to Cream • Solvent Resistance.<br/>

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    Brand Scotch-weld
    Chemical Resistance Salt spray, Chemical Resistance: Solvent
    Application Type Bond
    1 Part or 2 Part 1 Part
    Material Form Liquid
    Substrate Aluminum
    Manufacturer 3M
    Chemistry No volatile, None, Epoxy: Modified Epoxy Resin
    Application Method Trowel, Knife coating
    Cure Method Heat cure
    Cure Temperature (°C) 138 to 149, 149 to 232, 176 to 178
    Cure Time (min) 119 to 121
    Viscosity (cPs) 40,000 to 80,000, Flowable Syrup
    Color White to Cream, White to Cream
    High Temperature Resistance (°C) 149
    Low Temperature Resistance (°C) -57
    Density (g/cm³) 9.8 to 10.2 (weight (lbs/gal))
    Key Specifications Mil-Spec (United States Military Standard): MMM-A-132: MMM-A-132 Type II, Class 3, Group 4

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Cure Temperature Test Methods
Cure Temperature Cure Time Test Method
138 to 149°C Cure Initiation
149 to 232°C
176 to 178°C
Cure Time Test Methods
Cure Time Test Method
119 to 121 min
Tensile Strength Test Methods
Tensile Strength Type Chemical Test Time Test Temperature
3,695 psi Tensile Shear 24°C
3,633 psi Tensile Shear 10 min 149°C
2,260 psi Tensile Shear 11,520 min 149°C
3,150 psi Tensile Shear 10 min -55°C
3,081 psi Tensile Shear Salt Water Spray 43,200 min 24°C
3,025 psi Tensile Shear 43,200 min 24°C
3,603 psi Tensile Shear Tap water 43,200 min 24°C
2,766 psi Tensile Shear Jp-4 Fuel 10,080 min 24°C
2,766 psi Tensile Shear Anti-icing Fluid 10,080 min 24°C
2,659 psi Tensile Shear Hydraulic oil 10,080 min 24°C
2,651 psi Type III Hydrocarbon Fluid 10,080 min -4°C