• Description for Bostik L7132K

    A two-component adhesive system specifically designed for use in the vacuum form bonding of PVC films to wood, fiberboards, and most porous substrates.

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    Chemical Resistance Good
    Application Type Bond, Gasket
    1 Part or 2 Part 2-Part
    Material Form Liquid
    Substrate Most porous substrates, Polylolefin foams, Polyester films, PVC, Rubber, Wood, Most plastic laminating films, Sheet metal surfaces, Low surface energy substrates, Plastics, Foils
    Industry Marine, Belt splicing, Carpet bonding, Flooring installation, Aerospace applications, Automotive applications, Door panels, Dashboards, Aerospace Interior, Hypalon rubber boat repair, Newsprint splicing
    Manufacturer Bostik
    Chemistry Water borne, MEK blend
    Cure Method 2 Parts, Solvent
    Creep Resistance Creep resistant
    High Temperature Resistance (°C) Highly heat resistant
    Durability Tough
    Tape Backing/Carrier Vinyl
  • Technical Data for Bostik L7132K

    • Chemical Resistance
      • Chemical Resistance - Good
    • Application Type
    • 1 Part or 2 Part
      • 2-Part
    • Material Form
      • Liquid
    • Substrate
      • Porous Substrates - Most porous substrates
      • Foam - Polylolefin foams
      • Low Surface Energy - Low surface energy substrates
      • Metal - Sheet metal surfaces, Foils
      • Plastic - Most plastic laminating films, Plastics
      • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - PVC
      • Rubber
      • Wood
      • Polyester - Polyester films
      • Other - Fiberboard, Cellulosics, Particle board
    • Industry
      • Marine - Hypalon rubber boat repair
      • Automotive - Automotive applications
      • Interior - Dashboards
      • Aerospace - Aerospace applications
      • Aerospace Interior
      • Industrial - Consoles
      • Splicing - Belt splicing, Newsprint splicing
      • Construction - Honeycomb sidewalls in the construction of cabin interiors, Vacuum form construction of PVC coated luggage shells
      • Carpet - Carpet bonding
      • Flooring - Flooring installation
      • Construction Door - Door panels
      • Furniture / Wood-Working - Cabinet lamination, Production of decorative furniture facings
      • Other - Vacuum form bonding, A variety of application processes, Other interior trim
    • Chemistry
    • Application Method
      • Roll - Direct roll, Reverse roll
      • Spray
      • Other - Gravure, Any coater
    • Cure Method
      • Solvent
      • 2-Part Cure - 2 Parts
    • Tape Backing/Carrier
      • Vinyl
    Cure Specs
    Work / Pot Time (min) 480
    Mix Ratio 1:16
    Bond Strength
    General Bond Strength (psi) Good
    Green Strength (psi) High
    Material Resistance
    Creep Resistance Creep resistant
    High Temperature Resistance (°C) Highly heat resistant
    Durability Tough
    Flexibility Resilient
    Business Information
    Shelf Life Details The shelf life of L7132K is six months when stored at 55-80°F (15-27°C) in unopened factory sealed containers. Once the two-part system is blended, it has a pot life of eight hours., Boscodur 24T should be stored in a sealed container. Once opened it should be nitrogen purged to prevent contamination from moisture in the air. L7132R has a shelf life of at least 9 months if stored in an unopened container. Do not freeze.
    Shelf Life Temperature (°F) 55 to 80
    Shelf Life (mon) 6, 9
  • Best Practices for Bostik L7132K

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    1. Application

      Adhesive can be applied via direct roll, reverse roll, gravure, or any coater common to the industry. This adhesive can also be sprayed.

      Apply 100-150 g/m² (wet) adhesive to the least porous laminating surface and evaporate the solvent by standard drying techniques. Mate the secondary substrate under pressure at 110-212°F (41-100°C).

    2. Mixing

      Boscodur 24T should be added to L7132R in accordance with the mixing ratio (1:16) and blended to a homogenous solution (solvent dilutions, where applicable, should be made immediately after the Boscodur 24T addition).

    3. Curing

      To cure the part, the adhesive should be held at a minimum of 190°F (88°C) for at least 4 minutes. Vacuum pressure should be held at a minimum of 15 in Hg (51 kPa), 20 in HG (68 kPa) is preferred.

    4. Clean-Up

      Recommended clean up is with MEK/Toluene solution.

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