Dow HM-2500

Dow HM-2500 Datasheet
  • Description for Dow HM-2500

    One-part, RTV silicone sealant, low odor, neutral cure, will not corrode substrates, instant adhesion with a high green strength, cures to a tough rubbery solid.

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    Application Type Bond, Seal
    1 Part or 2 Part 1 Part
    Material Form Bulk
    Industry Smart Meters
    Manufacturer Dow
    Chemistry Silicone-based Hotmelt, Silicone-based Hotmelt
    Cure Method RTV
    Cure Time (min) 2,880
    Viscosity (cPs) High, 210,000, NonFlow
    Color Ultra clear
    High Temperature Resistance (°C) 93
    Low Temperature Resistance (°C) -32
  • Technical Data for Dow HM-2500

    • Application Type
    • 1 Part or 2 Part
      • 1 Part or 2 Part - 1 Part
    • Material Form
      • Bulk
    • Industry
      • Smart Meters
    • Chemistry
    • Application Method
      • Contact
    • Cure Method
      • RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanization) - RTV
    • Color
      • Clear / Transparent - Ultra clear
    Cure Specs
    Application Temperature (°F) 248
    Cure Time (min) 2,880 Test Method
    Viscosity (cPs) High, 210,000, NonFlow Test Method
    Work / Pot Time (min) Long, <1,440 Test Method
    Open Time (min) 15
    Bond Strength
    Green Strength (psi) 3,600, High, 900, Instant, Quick, 18 to 28
    Tensile Strength (psi) 350 Test Method
    Material Resistance
    High Temperature Resistance (°C) 93
    Low Temperature Resistance (°C) -32
    Shore A Hardness 60 Test Method
    Elongation (%) 10 Test Method
    Flexibility Flexible
    Other Properties
    Specific Gravity 1.060 Test Method
    % Solids (%) >99 Test Method
    Business Information
    Shelf Life Details When stored at or below 90°F (32°C) in the original unopened containers, this product has a usable life of 12 months from the date of production. Refer to product packaging for “Use by Date”
    Shelf Life Temperature (°F) <90
    Shelf Life Type from the date of production
    Shelf Life (mon) 12
    Not Good For
    Don't Use With surface that might bleed oils, plasticizers, solvents
  • Best Practices for Dow HM-2500

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    1. Surface Preparation

      Surfaces should be clean and dry before sealant application.

    2. Application

      Dow Corning? HM-2500 Assembly Sealant is from 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums with a platen-type hotmelt pump. Application temperature is typically 250° F (120° C). When the melt temperature has been reached, application with automated or hand-assisted dispensing equipment can begin. Once applied to the substrate the parts should be assembled with 15 minutes. Once applied, this product reacts with the atmospheric moisture to form a weather resistant, flexible, silicone sealant. Exposure of opened containers with air should be minimized.

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Cure Time Test Methods
Cure Time Test Method
2,880 min 1/8" bead
Viscosity Test Methods
Viscosity Test Method Temperature
High 20 to 25°C
210,000 cPs CTM 0719 120°C
Work / Pot Time Test Methods
Work / Pot Time Test Method
<1,440 min
Tensile Strength Test Methods
Tensile Strength Test Method
350 psi ASTM D412
Elongation Test Methods
Elongation Test Method
10 % ASTM D412
Shore A Hardness Test Methods
Shore A Hardness Shore Hardness Test Method
60 ASTM C661
% Solids Test Methods
% Solids Test Method
>99 % CTM 0086
Specific Gravity Test Methods
Specific Gravity Test Method
1.060 CTM 0044