• Description for Henkel A-708

    A one-component material that produces high shear strength bonds when cured in as short a time as 2 minutes at 400°F, or for longer periods of time at temperatures as low as 200°F.

    Note: This material has been discontinued. Please view the Comparable Materials tab or call us at (262) 293-7970 for additional help.

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    Application Type Bond
    1 Part or 2 Part 1-Part
    Material Form Liquid
    Substrate Al, Ceramic, Metal, Plastic
    Manufacturer Henkel
    Chemistry Epoxy
    Cure Method Heat
    Cure Temperature (°C) 204, 93, 149
    Viscosity (cPs) High, 900000 (Poise)
    Color Amber
  • Technical Data for Henkel A-708

    • Application Type
    • 1 Part or 2 Part
      • 1-Part
    • Material Form
      • Liquid
    • Substrate
    • Chemistry
    • Cure Method
      • Heat
    • Color
      • Red - Amber
    Cure Specs
    Cure Temperature (°C) 204, 93, 149
    Viscosity (cPs) High, 900000 (Poise) Test Method
    Bond Strength
    Shear Strength (psi) High
    Tensile Strength (psi) 1,200, 1,700, 1,300, 4,500 Test Method
    Elongation (%) 2
    Other Properties
    Specific Gravity 1.190
    Business Information
    Shelf Life Details Store below 5°C out of sunlight and in original unopened containers. Refer to packaging specific quote for shelf life information.
    Shelf Life Temperature (°F) <41
    Not Good For
    Don't Use With Elevated temperature application (over 120°F)
  • Best Practices for Henkel A-708

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    1. Surface Preparation

      The surfaces to be bonded should be clean and dry (for critical applications refer to our suggested surface preparation procedures - Bulletin No. 964)

    2. Application

      Apply the adhesive to surfaces to be bonded (preferably both surfaces) and press together.

    3. Mixing

      Thoroughly mix the A-708 prior to use.

      Avoid the introduction of excess air.

    4. Curing

      Light clamping may be used to keep parts in position during curing.

      Cure as desired.

  • Comparable Materials for Henkel A-708

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Viscosity Test Methods
Viscosity Temperature
900000 (Poise) 25°C
Tensile Strength Test Methods
Tensile Strength Cure Time Cure Temperature Substrate Test Temperature Test Method
1,200 psi 10 min 149°C Al/Al -51°C Cured 10 minutes @ 300°F
1,700 psi 10 min 149°C Al/Al 25°C Cured 10 minutes @ 300°F
1,300 psi 10 min 149°C Al/Al 82°C Cured 10 minutes @ 300°F
4,500 psi 180 min 149°C Al/Al 74°C Gelled @ 165°F, Cured 3 hrs 300°F