3M Troubleshooter Baseboard Stripper Datasheet 3M Troubleshooter Baseboard Stripper

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  • Description for 3M Troubleshooter Baseboard Stripper

    A ready-to-use, heavy-duty cleaner packaged in an aerosol container. It is designed to remove heavy soils, wax, and floor finish buildup from hard surfaces.

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    Application Type Remover, Cleaner, Cleaner/Debonder/Remover – For Cured Materials: Stripper
    1 Part or 2 Part 1-Part
    Material Form Aerosol, Liquid
    Substrate Ceramic, Fiberglass
    Manufacturer 3M
    Chemistry Non-Flammable
    Cure Method Solvent
    Viscosity (cPs) Viscous liquid
    Color White
  • Technical Data for 3M Troubleshooter Baseboard Stripper

    • Application Type
      • Cleaner – For Uncured Materials - Cleaner
      • Cleaner/Debonder/Remover – For Cured Materials - Remover
      • Cleaner/Debonder/Remover – For Cured Materials : Strippers - Stripper
    • 1 Part or 2 Part
      • 1-Part
    • Material Form
      • Aerosol
      • Liquid
    • Substrate
      • Ceramic
      • Fiberglass
      • Other - Baseboard, Floor edges, Corners, Stairways, Ceramic tile, Used in tough-to-reach areas, Quarry tile, Marble
    • Industry
      • Other - Remove heavy soils from hard surfaces, Remove wax from hard surfaces, Remove floor finish buildup from hard surfaces
    • Chemistry
      • Non-flammable
    • Application Method
      • Spray
    • Cure Method
      • Solvent
    • Color
      • White
    • Also Known As
      • Old Name - Troubleshooter Stripper
    Cure Specs
    Viscosity (cPs) Viscous liquid
    Other Properties
    Specific Gravity 0.990 Test Method
    Flash Point (°F) 196.0
    Not Good For
    Don't Use For Old asphalt tile
    Don't Use With Painted surfaces
  • Best Practices for 3M Troubleshooter Baseboard Stripper

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    1. Surface Preparation

      Before using, determine suitability of product on surface to be cleaned, noting any change in color or texture, particularly on old asphalt tile floors or old baseboards.

      Apply to surface using a trigger sprayer (coarse spray), mop, or brush. Let sit one to five minutes before scrubbing.

    2. Application

      Shake can well.

      Hold can upside down and spray 6-10 inches from surface. Cover the soiled area with a thin, even coat.

      If any overspray onto other surfaces occurs, wipe off immediately.

      Wait 3-5 minutes (or longer where there is severe buildup).

      Wet scrub the surface using a 3M™ Doodlebug Pad Holder fitted with a 3M™ Doodlebug™ Brown Scrub ‘n Strip Pad, 3M™ Doodlebug™ High Productivity Stripping Pad, or a similar product.

      For uneven surfaces (i.e. grout, brick or door jams), use a 3M™ General Purpose Brush with a 3M™ Doodlebug™ Handblock No. 6473.

      Rinse Surface with clean warm water.

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