Elantas (Altana) Conoptic DM-2320

Elantas (Altana) Conoptic DM-2320 Datasheet
  • Description for Elantas (Altana) Conoptic DM-2320

    Two-component materials are designed to produce a flexible, semi-flexible, or rigid domed surface over various decals and labels.

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    Brand Conoptic, Cytec
    Application Type Doming
    1 Part or 2 Part 2 Part
    Material Form Liquid
    Manufacturer Elantas (Altana)
    Chemistry Polyurethane, Non-Mercury Catalyzed
    Cure Method 2-Part Cure
    Viscosity (cPs) 1,300 to 1,800, High Liquid Surface Tension, Controlled Flow
    Color Clear
    Other Resistance Scratch resistance, Dent Resistant
  • Technical Data for Elantas (Altana) Conoptic DM-2320

    • Application Type
    • 1 Part or 2 Part
      • 1 Part or 2 Part - 2 Part
    • Material Form
      • Liquid
    • Industry
      • Industrial - Decals and labels
      • Other - Outdoor applications
    • Chemistry
    • Application Method
      • Dispenser - Dispensed through automatic meter mix equipment
    • Cure Method
      • 2-Part Cure
    • Color
      • Clear / Transparent - Clear
    • Brand
      • Conoptic
      • Cytec
    Cure Specs
    Viscosity (cPs) 1,300 to 1,800, High Liquid Surface Tension, Controlled Flow Test Method
    Fixture or Handling Strength Time (min) 720 to 1,440 Test Method
    Tack Free Time (min) <180
    Work / Pot Time (min) 8 to 10 Test Method
    Mix Ratio 100:55
    Material Resistance
    UV Resistance U.V. Resistant, Non-Yellowing Outdoor Exposure
    Other Resistance Scratch resistance, Dent Resistant
    Shore D Hardness 55 to 60
    Flexibility Rigid
    Business Information
    Shelf Life Details The Part A and Part B components of these systems are storage stable in their original, unopened containers for 12 months when stored at 65°-85°F
    Shelf Life Temperature (°F) 65 to 85
    Shelf Life (mon) 12
  • Best Practices for Elantas (Altana) Conoptic DM-2320

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    1. Application

      The CONOPTIC® DM-2000 Series was designed to be dispensed through automatic meter mix equipment. The dispense head can be a single stream or, the more common, multi-stream design. The multi-stream dispense heads will allow the doming of multiple labels in a "single shot" technique. It is possible to dome sixteen or more labels at one time.

      Generally, the polyurethane is dispensed on a label or decal at a central point or along a single vector. The polyurethane will flow to the edge of the label/decal over the next several minutes. The surface tension of the liquid is designed to resist flowing over the edge of most vinyl labels. The vinyl thickness, ink, dome height, and label configuration are all factors which effect the polyurethane holding the edge.

      These products process well in the automated equipment required for high volume or complicated part production. This automation can include precision decal placement and numerically controlled XYZ movement of the dispense tubes. This level of automation is only necessary on the most complicated shapes.

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Elantas (Altana) - Conoptic DM-2320

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Fixture or Handling Strength Time Test Methods
Fixture or Handling Strength Time Fixture-Handling Strength Test Method
720 to 1,440 min Handling Time
Viscosity Test Methods
Viscosity Test Method
1,300 to 1,800 cPs Mixed
High Liquid Surface Tension
Controlled Flow
Work / Pot Time Test Methods
Work / Pot Time Test Method
8 to 10 min Work Life