Elantas (Altana) Conap MR-5012 Datasheet Elantas (Altana) Conap MR-5012

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    It is a low viscosity, silicone- based liquid mold release and parting agent, releases epoxy, polyurethane, polyester and most plastic resins from metal, plastic or other non-porous molds.

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    Brand Cytec, Conap
    Application Type Mold Release, Parting agent
    1 Part or 2 Part 1 Part
    Material Form Liquid
    Substrate Other non-porous molds, Metal, Plastic, Polyester, Polyurethane, Epoxy , Most plastic Resin
    Manufacturer Elantas (Altana)
    Chemistry Silicone-based
    Cure Method Heat
    Cure Temperature (°C) 20 to 25 Room Temperature
    Viscosity (cPs) Low, 20
    Color Water-white, Water-white
    Can Be Used In Conjunction With These Materials Room temperature or heat curing systems

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Viscosity Test Methods
Viscosity Temperature
20 cPs 25°C
Flash Point Test Methods
Flash Point Test Method
-0.4°F ASTM D93, Material as Supplied
Specific Gravity Test Methods
Specific Gravity Temperature Test Method
0.670 25°C Material as Supplied
% Solids Test Methods
% Solids Test Method
8 % Solids Content, Material as Supplied