• Description for 3M DP5001

    Fast cure urethane • Flexible belt repair

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    Application Type Repair, Seal
    1 Part or 2 Part 2-Part
    Material Form Liquid
    Manufacturer 3M
    Chemistry Polyurethane
    Application Method Knife coating, Trowel
    Cure Method 2 Parts, Heat
    Cure Temperature (°C) 25
    Cure Time (min) 720
    Viscosity (cPs) Low, 100,000, Self-leveling
    Color Black
    High Temperature Resistance (°C) 121
    Low Temperature Resistance (°C) -51
  • Technical Data for 3M DP5001

    • Application Type
    • 1 Part or 2 Part
      • 2-Part
    • Material Form
      • Liquid
    • Industry
      • Industrial - Belts, Conveyor belts, Fasteners, Gouges, Tears
      • Other - Worn Spots
    • Chemistry
    • Application Method
      • Dispenser - High pressure injection, Pump
      • Spatula/Trowel - Knife coating, Trowel
    • Cure Method
      • Heat
      • 2-Part Cure - 2 Parts
    • Color
      • Black
    Cure Specs
    Cure Temperature (°C) 25 Test Method
    Cure Time (min) 720 Test Method
    Viscosity (cPs) Low, 100,000, Self-leveling Test Method
    Set Time (min) Fast
    Tack Free Time (min) 15 Test Method
    Work / Pot Time (min) 1.00 Test Method
    Thixotropic Controlled
    Mix Ratio 1:1 (by volume)
    Bond Strength
    Shear Strength (psi) 600 Test Method
    Material Resistance
    Abrasion Resistance Abrasion Resistance
    High Temperature Resistance (°C) 121
    Low Temperature Resistance (°C) -51
    Shore A Hardness 72 Test Method
    Flexibility Flexible
    Other Properties
    % Solids (%) 1.0
    Business Information
    Shelf Life Details This product has a shelf life of 6 months when properly stored in unopened packages at temperatures of 65°F to 85°F (18°C to 30°C). Do not expose to excessive cold or moisture.
    Shelf Life Temperature (°F) 64 to 86
    Shelf Life (mon) 6
  • Best Practices for 3M DP5001

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    1. Application

      Fill the cut out section and be sure to apply material to ground sections on the surface. Use a spreader to spread 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Polyurethane Sealant DP-5001 into ground areas. Do not apply or spread beyond the scuffed areas. Use masking tape to keep Scotch-Weld sealant DP-5001 off of the non-scuffed areas. Note: When applying Scotch-Weld sealant DP-5001 on a tilted or non-horizontal surface, use a spreader to keep working the Scotch-Weld sealant DP-5001 into the void.

      Allow to cure at room temperature for 2 hours or use heat cure to accelerate the cure.

    2. Mixing

      With the squeeze of the trigger, the components are automatically mixed through a mixing tip and easily dispensed.

    3. Curing

      Apply heat (heat gun or preferably a heat tunnel) to the area of belt that was repaired, including the 2-3 inches ground on both sides. In a heat tunnel, temperature should be 170°F (76°C) for 20 minutes or 250°F (121°C) for 5 minutes. (A heat tunnel can be easily made with air conditioning duct.) If a heat gun is used, heat on HIGH for 20 minutes. Hold the gun 6-8 inches above the belt and use a constant back-and forth motion to distribute the heat evenly.

      Let the repair cool to room temperature and remove all damming duct tape.

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Cure Temperature Test Methods
Cure Temperature Cure Time Test Method
25°C PEC, 10 g, 1/4" thick @ 77°F (25°C)
Cure Time Test Methods
Cure Time Test Method
720 min PEC, 10 g, 1/4" thick @ 77°F (25°C)
Tack Free Time Test Methods
Tack Free Time Tack Free Temperature Test Method
15 min 25°C PEC, 10 g, 1/6" thick @ 77°F (25°C)
Viscosity Test Methods
Viscosity Test Method Temperature
100,000 cPs Brookfield HBDVI* CP 20°C
Work / Pot Time Test Methods
Work / Pot Time Test Method Temperature
1.00 min PEC, 10 g, 1/6" thick @ 77°F (25°C) 25°C
Shear Strength Test Methods
Shear Strength Type Test Time Test Temperature Test Method
600 psi Lap shear strength 86,400 sec 25°C ASTM D1002-72
Shore A Hardness Test Methods
Shore A Hardness Shore Hardness Test Method Hardness Temperature
72 ASTM D2240-91, 24 hours @ 77°F (25°C) 25°C