Gluespec: About us

Gluespec helps you to discover adhesives and other materials for your industrial applications. The backbone of Gluespec is Spec Engine®, designed specifically as a tool for engineers and other industrial professionals to find suitable materials and offer advice as quickly and effectively as possible. Our curated, proprietary database is built from engineering sales representatives, industrial engineers and material manufacturer input, allowing you to benefit from expert knowledge and manufacturer specifications. It's all in here!

Powered by SpecEngine®

  • Technical by design - offering a curated & proprietary database
  • Relevant results based on availability, popularity & expert knowledge from the ESRs
  • Find Material | Get advice | Search the way nature intended


  • 20,000+
    materials in database
  • 174+
  • 50+

Backed by ESRs

ESRs, or Engineering Sales Representatives, are knowledgeable experts that help you achieve your goals by giving you application insights. They are available personally to help you before, during or after your search.