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Gluespec is a new engineering research tool to discover adhesives - It's technical by design.

It’s Gluespec's rallying cry to make the complicated decision-making processes of choosing the right adhesive system easier and less cumbersome for you. We do this by providing the trusted data you need.

We think the future of product development and production is bright. That’s why we brought in a truly technical research team of engineers and chemists to help build Gluespec.

It's our philosophy that if we provide a service for engineers to find cost-effective solutions quickly and easily, we can help drive discovery, innovation and development of new production methods and technologies.

If you want to see what Gluespec offers, you can watch this short video

The specifics on what’s inside: Thousands of specialty chemical materials from around the globe, containing millions of technical specs, test methods and other critical data points are paired with an easy to digest grid display for searching materials and comparing data.

In other words, we've created a tool that lets you filter, sort and customize by every property in the database, including specific gravity, viscosity, impact strength, cure time, temperature resistance and much more.

A breakdown of the types of materials found on Gluespec:

3D Printing | Accelerator / Activator | Adhesive | Anti-Friction | Anti-Seize | Anti-Static | Casting / Moldmaking | Circuit Chiller | Cleaner – For Substrates | Cleaner – For Uncured Materials | Cleaner/Debonder/Remover – For Cured Materials | Coating | Conformal Coating | Conversion Coating | Cured-in-Place Gaskets | Defluxer | Degreaser | Desoldering | Dilutant | Doming | EMI Shielding | Enamel | End-use Parts | Fire Protection | Fixture/Stake | Flocking | Formed-in-Place Gaskets | Gap Filler | Gap Pad | Gasketing | Injection Molding | Ink | Instant Adhesives | Jigs & Fixtures | Label | Laminate | Low Pressure Molding | Lubricant | Masking | Mold Release | Moldable Optics | Noise Reduction | Non-Shimming | Non-Skid | Non-Slip | Other | Other Gaskets | Paint | Penetrant | Phase Change Material | Pottant / Encapsulant | Primer | Protective Coatings | Prototyping | Purge | Release Agent | Repair & Maintenance | Retaining Compound | RFI/RMI Shielding | Sealant | Sealing / dressings for existing Gaskets | Shallow Potting | Shimming | Sil Pad | Solder | Solder Flux | Solder Masks | Strippers | Thermal Adhesive | Thermal Clad Metal Insulated Substrates | Thermal Interface Material (TIM) | Thickener | Thinner | Thread Sealant | Threadlocker | Tip Tinners | Varnish

Educational Material: Although Gluespec is not in the publishing business, we try to educate our audience with specific technical pieces, and we're happy to share this sampling with you.

Some of our favorite quotes:

On the grids: "You wouldn't believe the time I've wasted searching my old catalogs and the web. This is a great resource."

On the data: "Being able to see the test methods before requesting a sample of a product is a very nice feature. It's important to know how a material was tested and if it compares to my production environment."

On response time: "Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! Nowhere on the technical data sheets or safety data sheets did it list the modulus of elasticity and your team researched it and found the answer same day."

On Engineering services: "Your whole approach is very design-friendly. Your tech department gave me some great ideas for speeding up my dispensing and curing process. There's really no one else out there doing this sort of thing."

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Finally, if you would like to ask us anything, we'd be happy to answer your questions. To get in touch with the people who run the site, please fill out this form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A free, proprietary database of quality technical data on adhesives, coatings, and sealants for engineers designing industrial applications. It contains over 10,000 materials from over 70 manufacturers, and is used by thousands of engineers.

No, it's completely free.

Gluespec combines manufacturer data and the industry knowledge of technical experts. Its grid interface produces a dynamic online spreadsheet pre-populated with curated technical data engineers need. The database recommends materials for your project based on your customized search for a specific application or specific data points. Grid data is filterable, sortable, and customizable by every property in the database, including specific gravity, viscosity, impact strength, cure time, and temperature resistance, as well as by manufacturer, material type, industry, substrate, chemistry and hundreds more.

The grid format lets users scan all relevant properties and materials and compare them on one screen. Unlike other materials sites that start out with less data and make you search for more, the Gluespec grid starts out with lots of information that you can quickly and easily narrow down to two or three materials for testing.

As a service to the industrial design engineering community. The Gluespec grid was developed by engineers based on feedback from engineers. Like you, we wanted a better solution than sorting through messy catalogs, playing phone tag with suppliers, or difficult, time-consuming web searches. We want to make the complicated decision-making processes of choosing the right adhesive system easier and less cumbersome for engineers.

To access the full power of the database. Registering lets you view more than 10 materials per search, and gives you access to material test methods, complete technical details, key specifications, and comparable materials. You also get the ability to save your project searches so you can share them with a colleague.

Accelerators/activators, adhesives, anti-static materials, casting/moldmaking materials, coatings, conformal coatings, debonders/removers, doming materials, liquid cleaners, lubricants, masking materials, paints, pottants/encapsulants, primers, repair & maintenance materials, sealants, solders, substrate cleaners, threadlockers, and many more.

Gluespec's datasheets contain technical data, test methods, best practices, and information on comparable materials. All of it is quality-checked during data entry. Also, we annually check manufacturer data on all materials and update Gluespec as needed if new data sheets have been released.

The backbone of Gluespec is SpecEngine®, designed to combine a spreadsheet format with algorithms in order to conduct deeper, multifaceted searches for specifying materials. Materials are selected using a proprietary algorithm that delivers results based on likelihood of success for an application. The algorithm was developed with the help of engineers, chemists, and other technical experts.

No problem. If you can't find the data you need on the site, we can research it and find it for you at no cost.

Gluespec is a global representation of data from multiple manufacturers not usually found in one place, and that data is curated and quality checked by us, not just selected and posted by manufacturers.

The data also goes deeper than what's on most materials sites. For instance, we offer test method information so engineers can compare the data on the grid or the datasheets with their production or operation environment.  We do this because data without this context is useless. We know this because we're engineers, too. And we offer free access to our technical team of experts.